NESSEN Corporation presents: Super-soldiers 4 Hire!

When the NESSEN Corporation found out about the Council’s plans for a new elite force of super-soldiers, they put their top scientists to work. Huge amounts of resources were poured into the project with the goal of being the sole supplier to the Council. Many of the first trials proved disastrous for the test subjects. Those who survived suffered from severe deformations and mental trauma. Eventually the labs succeeded in creating a stable formula for super-soldier creation. While the results of these experiments undeniably made the subjects stronger and tougher, there were.. complications.
At the vid-meeting between the higher ups at NESSEN and the Council of Seven, the new super-soldiers were shown in all their monstrous splendour. Many in the Council scoffed at what they saw and some even recoiled. Clearly these products did not meet the high standards that the Council had asked for.
Losing out on the chance to supply the Council of Seven with their new “Enforcers” was a major blow to NESSENs finaces. That lost deal coupled with the outrageous amounts of funds invested in this failure of a project almost brought the whole corporation to ruin. The higher ups at NESSEN had meeting after meeting discussing ways to turn things around. As the dread of losing everything crept closer, an idea sprung up. The answers were right in front of them the whole time.
They had very real super-soldiers after all. Maybe not as refined as those fancy Enforcers but super nonetheless! And so, for just a large sum of money, anyone could hire their very own super-soldier mercenaries! People were hesitant to hire those barbarous Marauders ever since the Mandrake Rebellion so with NESSEN’s super-soldiers, an alternative had appeared. Demand was high and account numbers even higher.

Things are starting to turn around for the NESSEN Corporation.

So these failed super-soldiers came about after seeing Rob Harpers excellent head swaps on his Marauders. Taste is highly personal and everyone has their own. Not being the biggest fan of the orc heads myself I felt that spark of inspiration course through me and got to work.
The heads are from Dreamforges Eisenkern I believe and a bit of green stuff here and there, otherwise it’s Mantics fantastic Marauders through and through.
While the Commandos get to wear fancy helmets and gasmasks, the mishapen are merely given, well basically a bag to put over their heads to hide their hideous faces. Corporate policy and all that jazz.
Still had a few left to finish before I was done, but now with the addition of Goran Auxilliaries, that goal raced off into the horizon.
But I’m happier for it as that means I get to hobby some more!

Until next time.
Go out there and fight!

-Nicodemus “Karadram” Sandberg


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