Plague in Progress: Bless me, father…

Kyle Underwood
Kyle Underwood
Longtime tabletop gaming fan that's recently gotten back into the hobby. Also doodler, wannabe foodie, sculptor, mad converter and keeper of scaly animal babies.

I mentioned in my previous post a charismatic preacher that would have taken the wayward flock of inmates of the mining facility under his wing… it seemed only fitting to me that such a figure would take the discovery of something sinister in the deep as a sign, and insist on being the first to see it.
Hence, the Deacon was born. I like to think that in his head he is cleansing and healing the galaxy as a messianic figure in this new form; hence the beatific pose.
I drew on a lot of inspiration from my favourite monsters and villains here, particularly in the resculpt of the face and tendrils. I also tried to add an extra sweeping plate to the hood of his bony armour to make it reminiscent of a bishop’s mitre.


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