Plague in Progress: Blighted Congregation

Kyle Underwood
Kyle Underwood
Longtime tabletop gaming fan that's recently gotten back into the hobby. Also doodler, wannabe foodie, sculptor, mad converter and keeper of scaly animal babies.

For my Plague force I wanted to convey a narrative theme across the models; I imagined the initial outbreak centred on a maximum security prison planet where the inmates were put to work in a massive mining facility, hence the orange jumpsuits.
I wanted to play with some nods towards an element I enjoyed from Alien 3; that these people with no hope had taken to religion, though perhaps in this case a charismatic evangelical preacher who had taken ownership of the facility before disaster struck. This helped with some of the reposing of various models reaching out, almost as if still proclaiming their faith, and that the Plague os salvation.


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