Plague in Progress: Can’t Outrun the Wardens

Kyle Underwood
Kyle Underwood
Longtime tabletop gaming fan that's recently gotten back into the hobby. Also doodler, wannabe foodie, sculptor, mad converter and keeper of scaly animal babies.

Much like the Deacon, I wanted the 2As to draw upon some of my favourite monsters from video games and movies, particularly the work of Guillermo del Toro. In the resculpts of the heads I wanted to echo the Deacon’s flat faceplate, but as though it had not quite been complete or successful, usually asymmetrical (You can see I’ve done similar for my 3A Lietenant conversions in my previous entry, as though they too are halfway between defined forms of the plague’s transformative process.
I also had some fun repositioning these guys into some pretty parkour poses to make them feel a little more dynamic.


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