Preparing the Ground for the Deadzone

Thomas Todd
Thomas Todd
A tabletop gamer for over 20 years. Recently purchased Dead zone 2nd Edition, so thought I might join this campaign as a motivation to get some games going.

I recently purchased a copy of the Deadzone Version 2 Starter game. I had hoped to have everything built, painted and ready for action early in the Summer Campaign. However, life, family and work took over and very little was done. So I have decided to submit this article detailing how I prepared the terrain in the starter set. I hope to follow it up with an article on preparing the figures and then a Battle Report before the end of the campaign.

I already own a number of Deadzone Terrain sets and have always felt that they should be built in two cube units. After all who wants to live in a single cube? With this ideology I prepared the buildings in the starter and was able to construct two ruined buildings with some amount of roof structure and the remains of a third building that consists of little more than a number of low ruined walls. The first photograph shows the three structures with a primer of Army Painter Skeleton Bone. The beams sticking from the rubble pieces and the metal rods protruding from the walls were painted in Army Painter Gun Metal prior to the next step.

I then liberally covered the structures in ModelMates Sand Brown Weathering Liquid. The second photograph shows the effect that this has on a building. After 30 minutes I used a damp sponge to wipe away some of the weathering liquid and after a Matt varnish the buildings were ready for action. The ground is now prepared. Time to prepare the troops.


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