Preparing the Troops for Battle

Thomas Todd
Thomas Todd
A tabletop gamer for over 20 years. Recently purchased Dead zone 2nd Edition, so thought I might join this campaign as a motivation to get some games going.

Having completed the Terrain pieces in the Deadzone Version 2 Starter Set, I now moved on to getting some troops ready to do battle. Having read through the rulebook I initially intended to prepare the figures necessary to play the Patrol Scenario in the Rulebook as my first game. However I soon realised that the points difference for a D.O.G. and an enforcer was not too great and decided to use all the enforcers on a sprue rather than the D.O.G in my force. I also chose to prepare 5 Forgefather Steel warriors as, again, there are 5 on the sprue. I will of course only be using 4 of these in my initial force to balance the points.

I needed to get these figures on the table as quickly as possible, so that I could play a game, albeit only a small encounter, before the campaign ended. So both groups were primed with black primer and then given a dry-brush in Army Painter Uniform Grey. This served to highlight the details and also as a highlight on the areas of the figures that would remain black. It also helped the white paint to go on the armour of the enforcers at a later stage as white does not go well over black unless one wants to apply numerous coats, something that would eat into my already limited time. The result of this on the enforcers can be seen in the first photograph.

The armour on the enforcers was painted white. The weapons were painted in Army Painter skeleton bone. Once dry I applied Army Painter Soft Tone over the whole figure. On hindsight I probably applied this too liberally leaving the white areas looking almost sandy. To compensate for this I then applied a dry brush of white to the armour. With basing material applied and then a Matt Varnish the final result is shown in the second photograph.

The armour of the Forgefathers was painted in a Vallejo blue grey. the weapons were done in Army Painter Gun Metal. Then the whole figure was coated in Army Painter Dark Tone. Once this had dried the armour of the models was highlighted with a dry brush of the blue grey again. The eyes of the visors were painted in a suitable Vallejo light green. As usual I applied the basing material and then a Matt Varnish. The result can be seen in the last photograph.

Having already prepared the ground and now that the troops are prepared, I can get a game under way, hopefully in time to put in a Battle Report before the Campaign ends!


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