Preview: M.E.R.C. & the Helix Strain

In this short submission, you ‘ll find a quick preview of my 2 main forces in the Warpathverse. There is more stuff coming up, and probably even more factions, if my time permits. A lot of them feature minor conversions of some sort, but the bases are largely rather basic – I only recently discovered a way to designt them that ‘d be both satisfyving and easy The last picture shows one part of my Marauders’ force that still in the works. Both armies are designed to become full-blown Firefight and Warpath armies in due time.

The M.E.R.C.: While noone knows what this acronym stands for – tho’ theories, interpretations and wild guesses are plenty – the Marauder force fighting under this name claims to have served in various GCPS military outfits with distinction, before, after mand some claim even during the nefarious Mandrake Uprising. The veteran troops take great pride in their formation’s long history, as displayed by their distinctive purple berets.
The Helix Strain is a particular strain of Plague that was allegedly first spotted in the Coldheart Facilities in the arctic zones of [REDACTED], owned by the now-defunct Helix Research and Manufacturing Group. It is easily set apart from other strains of the Plague, due to its human victims developing a pale white skin and earlier Stages sporting chitinous black carapace.


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