Rebs ‘AEAB’ 3

Freek Mandema
Freek Mandema
Rebs and mazon labs player. Netherlands based. Playing rebs in the campaign

The third post for my Rebs strike team! In this post, I will show you Eddak P’Merra, with two of his kin. The bright red makes the models stand out on the battlefield. To make the models fi the rest of my strikeforce, I made sure the weapons, armor and pants of the models were painted in similar colors as in the rest of my strikeforce.

Another merc I regularly use and which can also be used as a ‘normal’ Rin is Hund Rebel Bounty Hunter. I really like this model and Hund is awesome in games! The great thing about painting rebs is that there is a lot of variation in the models and I can experiment with all sorts of skin tones. Personally, I am quite happy with the result!

Third in this post is a lone Sorak. This was my test-model. One of the things I tried on this model is the color of the weapons for my strikeforce. I generally find black a bit boring for weapons and I already painted the armor for my models in a light grey. I then decided to just mix some light grey, teal, and black and came up with a greenish-grey color. I am quite fond of the color now and will keep using it for weapons on my Rebs Strikeforce.


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