Rebs ‘AEAB’ 4

Freek Mandema
Freek Mandema
Rebs and mazon labs player. Netherlands based. Playing rebs in the campaign

In the fourth part of my strikeforce post a couple of lone models. And two big ones! First there is a concerted dreadball sphyr. I got this model (actually, most of my Rebs models) from a friend who had a few too many strike teams to paint/play them all. The dreadball sphyr was easily converted by giving it a gun. Instead of throwing balls it now fires armor piercing ammo as a Sphyr lancer.

The second model is a Zee. These little dudes are fun and easy to paint. I wanted to give the Zee a red skin tone to make it look like a little demon. I wanted to make sure, however, that the skin tone wasn’t the same as the skin tone of my Yndij. Therefore, I dulled it a bit for the Zee.

The last two models are two Grogans with different weapons options. I don’t often play with two Grogans in the same Strike Team, so I painted them in exactly the same colors. The weapons themselves were already converted by the friend who gave me the models. I think this makes them look pretty cool!


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