Rebs ‘AEAB’ Mortar team

Freek Mandema
Freek Mandema
Rebs and mazon labs player. Netherlands based. Playing rebs in the campaign

With the release of ‘Outbreak’, the Rebs gained access to a Mortar. Having experienced the effects of indirect fire on their positions first hand on several occasions, it was clear my Rebs needed a mortar too!

There was no heavy weapons team with a mortar readily available for the Rebs, so I decided I would improvise. First, my rebs managed to ‘acquire’ a mortar from the GCPS (The GCPS anti-infantry weapon teams boxed set contains two mortars).

Next I needed to crew the mortar. I decided a Zee would be cunning and smart enough to handle comms and targeting. The Zee model from the Rebs faction Booster was the perfect model with the gadget he has in his hands. I outfitted the Zee with a communications backpack from the GCPS anti-infantry weapon teams boxed set.

I also needed a loader for the mortar. The heavy weapons team with a missile launcher that is available in the Rebs faction booster has a Sphyr as a loader. So for the mortar, I wanted a Sphyr as well. However, the standing model didn’t really feel right. Also, for gameplay purposes I wanted the mortar team to keep a low profile (which was another reason to choose a Zee as a mortar operator). I had a dreadball Sphyr in a crouch position that seemed perfect for the job. With his hand upwards in a fist, he seems to communicate: “ready to fire”. I made sure he had a rifle lying around on the base as well.

To finish of the base I used a number of weapons crates and boxes. I figured four boxes of ammo would be exactly what the two models should be able to carry, Three by the Zee and one by the Sphyr…

After painting, my mortar team is ready to let shells rain down on enforcers!


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