Rebs, ‘AEAB’

Freek Mandema
Freek Mandema
Rebs and mazon labs player. Netherlands based. Playing rebs in the campaign

I started painting up my rebs a bit before the start of the campaign. This week I did not have the opportunity to play a game of deadzone, but I did have plenty of time to finish my basic rebs strikeforce. Of course there are plenty of rebs minis left to paint, but with this group I have most of the models I regularly use in my strikeforce painted.

I set myself goals to finish a number of models each week. I painted several models at the same time to get my strike team finished asap.

In my battles, I often encounter enforcers and Asterians with differing results… This has led to a general resentment towards enforcers with the members of my team. ‘All Enforcers Are Bastards’ has become a general guideline for them to live by.

The rebel teraton was the last model I painted. Generally, I prefer painting human-sized models over the larger ones. While working on the teraton I started to wonder about all the different ‘exhausts’ on the back of the teraton. Unsure as of the purpose of these, I decided the teraton is transpiring green goo through them. Probably an allergic reaction to enforcers… The green also broke up the large patch of orange, so that was a bonus! I’ll add a few other posts for the rest of my strikeforce.


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