Rust effects

Justin Wichman
Justin Wichman
I started playing in 2017 as Enforcers. I was given a bunch of Asterians and bought some Forge Father's. It's an excellent game and this campaign is amazing!

I was in desperate need of some terrain upgrades. So I built a few new pieces from some miscellaneous battle zones parts a friend had.

My favorite terrain piece was the industrial building in blue.

Step 1 – Spray paint. I just wanted to use up some 1/2 cans I had laying around, so I chose blue/yellow.
Step 2 (optional): highlight areas with a lighter color. Using my airbrush I highlighted some areas with a teal color on the blue piece. I didn’t do this step on the yellow one.
Step 3 – Using a sponge stipple black onto areas you want rust.
Step 4 – Using a sponge stipple burnt umber 80-90% over the black.
Step 5 – Using a sponge stipple nutmeg Brown 40-60% over the rust areas. Step 6 – Using a sponge stipple orange (I used Pueblo orange) 20-40% over the area.
Step 7 – Using a sponge stipple a kahki Brown (territorial beige) about 20-40% over the area.
Step 8 – Using a sponge stipple gunmetal gray (metallic silver) over the rust area. I did about 60-70%.
Step 9 – Mix black, English ivy green, burnt umber, and water to make a wash in 1:2:2:2 ratio respectively. Apply this over the entire piece to unify it’s dirtiness.
Step 10 – Wait patiently. Or set your terrain by a fan of you’re impatient like me.


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