Skull Squad reinforcements

I love Enforcers.

I have soft spot for genetically modified superhumans and when first Deadzone Kickstarter was announced, I was hooked to them. From the beginning I knew my color scheme, which imitates the one of Skull Squadrons leader from Macross (or Robotech) series.

But painting white is hard and tedious, especially on Enforcers that do have really detailed armor. During 5 years I had managed to paint only 14 models. At the start of Starfall campaign I decided that enough was enough and looked for some shortcut for painting white and I finally found it.

Usually I have primed models white, added some water to black wash and washed over whole model, which leaves it grey. After that I painted white on surfaces. Well, I heard about “Lahmian Medium” substance and added it instead of water (6:1 ratio seemed good) and boom, surfaces stayed white and black went to recesses. Most tedious part of my painting process was immediately eliminated.

And so I managed to paint over 30 models during the few weeks of Starfall campaign. Skull Squad is more ready than ever to face the harsh conditions of Deadzones. Actually, I managed to get enough models painted to wield a 1000p warpath force.

It is not a perfect solution though. Models painted with this method look a bit more grey in darker lighting. On the other hand, they look much more smooth.

“And the most heaviest of sins we commit without feeling anything”


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