Speed paint Enforcers

Olivier O'Brien
Olivier O'Brien
Wargamer/Modeller From Lethbridge AB. Trying to get a local wargaming group going. Meeting mixed success.

A weekend speedpaint! Technically I cheated as I started these Thursday night. My first time speedpainting with an airbrush and man was that a time saver. These fellows are destined to be a spare roster for new people in my local group, and I had to have them done before our next game night!

Aside from an initial coat in gray with a white highlight using the airbrush I also tried a post wash apex highlight in white. Otherwise they were a standard basecoat, wash and highlight speedpaint. I’m not especially happy with the definition, particularly on the helmets, but at least they look appropriately grimy and desaturated for skirmishes in industrial hellscapes.


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