The Bringers of Balance – The final week!

Marijn Bierhof
Marijn Bierhof
Gamer from Groningen, the Netherlands. Dad of 2 kids. Graphic designer for profession. Love Mantic's games and Deadzone is my favorite. I currently play the Asterians.

So it’s the last week of the campaign. Time to finish my last painted models for Starfall. And this time I wanted something special, so I decided to convert two miniatures.

Since Ten Ur’Go now is a fully fledged character in the game, I wanted a new Black Talon Prime. I love the Black Talons, so I needed a cool leader to lead them into battle. One of the awesome things about some of the Leader models in Deadzone is that they come with arms and heads for two versions. So the Ten Ur’Go blister came with two right arms, two left arms and two heads. Perfect! Now I only needed a good candidate to become the Black Talon Prime. I searched through my collection and found a Dreadball Alo-Khan model (note: the Praetorian character from Dreadball would be fantastic too, but I didn’t have that model). Perfect! I only had to cut off its head and hands and replace them with the metal bits. I did pin these to make sure they would remain in place. To finish the model I added a backpack from the Marionettes box set. Now it looked more like he had a Jump Pack.
For painting I decided to paint him in blue colour shift paint. This would make him stand out from the rest of the force and would show his status. The blue colour shift paint works similar to the green I use and the colour shifts from blue to purple. As he was already blue, I decided to paint his Light Blade in green to keep enough contrast and colour. The rest was fast and simple.

Next my third Cypher. I took a Cypher Warden, cut off his hand and replaced it with a Noh Rifle from a fellow Cypher (after cutting away the left hand on the Noh Rifle). Note: this was also pinned. A super simple conversion, but once again it adds character and makes for a unique model.

So that rounds out my Bringers of Balance for the Starfall campaign. And I couldn’t end it without a group shot of the entire Strike Force painted. Real happy with how they turned out. And I still have tons to add. The fun never ends!


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