The Bringers of Balance – The Lovebirds

Marijn Bierhof
Marijn Bierhof
Gamer from Groningen, the Netherlands. Dad of 2 kids. Graphic designer for profession. Love Mantic's games and Deadzone is my favorite. I currently play the Asterians.

So last week I posted two models and said they were the final ones, because I thought it was the last week. But yeah…it was not! So that meant I had another week to finish two more models. And I wanted to finish with a pair of lovebirds: the Kalyshi Dervish and the man himself…the most wanted criminal in GCPS space: Ronn…eh…Blaine!

The Kalyshi model was painted like my other two Kalyshi, but I made sure I got a really smooth finish on her skin. Took me many, many thin coats (two thin coats eh? Hahahaha, madness!) but in the end I’m very satisfied with her skin. The model was tons of fun to paint with all that great detail. Such a perfect sculpt and cast.

For Blaine I used the old Dreadball model, I had converted the Deadzone version sometime in the past. Doh! But that’s okay, because this model is fantastic too. The painting went VERY fast, think I completed him in 2.5 hours, insanely fast for me. But that’s also because of the colours I used. The grey tones are easy to do, as was the brownish skin. I had so much fun with him and I am very content with how he looks. Such a badass merc, love Blaine.

And of course, I did the mandatory group shot of my entire Strike Force. In the end I have 21 painted models and I think I started the campaign with 9 or so. So great progress and I now have a large selection of models to build my Strike Forces from. With a total of 4 Leaders I can also vary a lot in style, which is also great.

So Starfall is a massive success for me and my mates. It was a real blast. Thanks Mantic Games for the awesome campaign. Well executed and tons of fun!


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