The Bringers of Balance – Week 2

Marijn Bierhof
Marijn Bierhof
Gamer from Groningen, the Netherlands. Dad of 2 kids. Graphic designer for profession. Love Mantic's games and Deadzone is my favorite. I currently play the Asterians.

So week 2 of the campaign has started. That means that my Bringers of Balance need reinforcements. And they really do, last week they received a 25-6 spanking…it was painful. But tonight they are back for revenge.
This time I have painted a Cypher Specialist with Fission Beamer and the awesome Sky Razor. The Specialist was easy and went fast; the painting was the same as with the other Cyphers:
1. Prime gloss black
2. Airbrush with iridiscent paint
3. Block, shade and highlight the orange
4. Block and shade the metallics (tip: Tamiya Smoke is perfect for fast and good looking metallics)
5. Paint the weapon grey, wash it with Tamiya Smoke and then highlight it up to light grey. Finish with a black wash.
6. Paint all of the blue OSL
7. Paint the midriff black and highlight it. Same for the small arm bands.
8. Base him!

The Sky Razor took some more time as he was a lot bigger. But his size and bigger surfaces meant the iridiscent paint looks way cooler on him. I really like how he looks. Now let’s see how well he will do at Scour 2.0…

For the Universe! For Balance!


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