The Bringers of Balance

Marijn Bierhof
Marijn Bierhof
Gamer from Groningen, the Netherlands. Dad of 2 kids. Graphic designer for profession. Love Mantic's games and Deadzone is my favorite. I currently play the Asterians.

The Bringers of Balance have come to Starfall!
I started this Asterian force before the campaign, but wanted to get a decent force to play most games with a lot of painted models. To speed up the painting, I used an iridiscent paint. These types of paints reflect light in differing colours, depending on the angle of the light. On my Asterians the colour varies from green to purple. It gives a nice alien effect and is fast to do with an airbrush. The main advantage is that you don’t need to shade or highlight (but blacklining helps).
To contrast with the green I went with a bold orange to make them stand out more. Otherwise the models would be bland and too neutral. I doubted a long time on the weapons, but in the end went with a neutral grey/black. I always like this on weapons. The bright blue lights finish off the colours.
Although everything went fast, I had the most fun with the most difficult model: the Kalyshi. It proved to be a challenge as they are so different in design. I love the sculpts and the casts are supercrisp. So the detail was easy to see and define. In the end I also went with green for the armour (with orange details), but then in a different way. They do fit in with the rest, but their more primitive nature shows well. To finish off the palette I used purple for the skin. It works well with orange and green and makes them nice and alien.
For my mercs I now have the awesome Oberon and Survivor. Great models I painted in April for a painting competition on Facebook. I also have Nastanza, an Ogre and Blaine primed so there will be more Mercs.
In the coming weeks I will paint some more, giving me a good strike force to game with for a long time!


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