The Grimms´ Expedition

So, I finally got me some Deadzone folks and it is the Forge Fathers, because I like dwarfs (and some other reason, like the strange composition of the Rebs starter, etc.).

I got me a starter, some Thorgarim and the wrong Iron Ancestor (because I am obviously too stupid to read a description properly ;)). I have assembled most of them by now and now have to start thinking about a colour scheme.

In the second picture are my conversions visible, first the Magma Rifle from to Brokkr at the arm of my Forge Lord/Huscarl and the newly designed Magma Cannon for my Ancestor, as well as the Hammer and Flamer. I am happy with it and now can use him almost as intended (I wanted a Thor Pattern…)

More soon (hopefully) and I still don´t know what to do with my Brokkrs, as I mostly can´t stand them.

Oh, yes, before I forget. In the last picture are the two brothers Grimm, both rivaling Huscarls from the same family, they can´t stand each other and will try to outdo each other on the battlefield.


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