Unscattering Scatter Terrain

Thomas Todd
Thomas Todd
A tabletop gamer for over 20 years. Recently purchased Dead zone 2nd Edition, so thought I might join this campaign as a motivation to get some games going.

In the Mantic Deadzone Starter Set there are a number of scatter terrain pieces such as containers. In order to make these look like a more substantial piece of cover on the board I decided to combine them into a ingle cover piece.

First I painted the various pieces in my chosen base colours. These colours can be whatever colour you choose. I also used a wooden base measuring 6cm x 3cm which I primed black. The components can be seen in the first photograph. Once dried all the pieces were then glued on to the base and Army Painter Dark Tone applied. The results can be seen in the second photograph. Finally the terrain piece was finished by applying some sand-coloured basing material and the whole thing given a Matt varnish (see the final photograph). Now the troops have something more substantial to hide behind.


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