Why am I even here?!

Alan Goodenough
Alan Goodenough
New to Deadzone and always looking for other players around Oxfordshire, UK. Playing as Forge Fathers and Asterians for the campaign

I’ve only been painting mini’s again for a few months – possibly three at the time of writing – for thr first time in a very long time. Deadzone has totally recaptured that early teen love of tabletop gaming.

I am at any point torn between the Forge Fathers and the Asterians – I love the shear brutality of the little fellas (and am considering changing the name of one of my children to Iron Ancestor) but there is something about the sleek etherial look of the Asterians that really pulls me toward them.


I’m uploading this picture of a Weapons Drone with Pulse Bombard and a Support Drone with Twin Noh Rifels as I’m actually rather proud of how they have come out. I love the simple red and shiney grey colour scheme, although I’m sure I’ve gone overboard with the dark wash. Hey ho. Still learning.


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