Until recently planet XH8-211, also known as Starfall, was a backwater planet within GCPS space. Used as a hiding place for Rebs or a waypoint for GCPS troops on interplanetary hops, Starfall received little attention. But then the planet quakes began. These huge tremors exposed massive deposits of rare minerals and resources. Suddenly Starfall shot to the top of the GCPS agenda.

The Damrod Mining Corporation secured the rights to exploit the planet for its riches. Unfortunately, what they didn’t realise was a resident Veer-myn population was ready to fight for what they considered to be their home. Fierce skirmishes tore across the planet, reducing many areas to rubble.

However, what no one realised was that Starfall was being watched from deep within the Mariana Curtain. Hungry eyes coveted the planet and soon terrible tentacles reached out across the stars to wrap Starfall in their grasp. The Nameless were ready to strike…


Battle for Starfall is the first ever online campaign for Mantic’s hugely popular sci-fi skirmish game, Deadzone! Over the course of the next few weeks, gamers from around the world will have the opportunity to fight it out to see what faction will claim the planet.

At the end of the campaign, the Deadzone universe will be changed depending upon the results. Factions could get new weapons, new units or even new leaders. What’s more, the timeline of Deadzone will be moved on following the campaign and we’ll release new short stories based on what happens in YOUR games.

Each Monday a new location and scenario will be revealed. There will be a short introduction to each scenario and any new rules will be introduced too. So, make sure you keep checking back each week to see how things are progressing.


It’s a vital supplement for any Deadzone player – whether you’re a heroic commander of Enforcers or the insidious leader of a Veer-myn insurgency, this is a book you need to stay competitive in the hostile battlezones of the future.

Four new scenarios help to keep the tournament scene interesting, while the original four scenarios are re-balanced to make them more competitive than ever before. Alongside this, a new selection of items ensures that every faction can uncover something useful in the fierce environments of Deadzone.

Don’t miss the latest faction lists! We’ve gone through each faction to ensure they’re more balanced than ever before, and introduced new units to help keep your opponent on their toes.


Well, firstly you can download the free rules from the Mantic Games website or from the “FREE RULES” link on this page. This will give you the opportunity to learn the rules and get up to speed with how this fast-paced sci-fi skirmish game is played. Once you’ve grasped the basics, there are faction guides and tactical tips under the FACTIONS section of this website and over on the Mantic Blog

Following that, make sure to check out the videos below from the active Deadzone community and other popular gaming media channels to hear how good the game is and see it in action!





What are you waiting for soldier? Starfall is ripe for the taking!

Use the buttons below to learn more about this campaign setting, the various factions involved (and their miniatures) aswell as details on how to navigate the website, register for an account, submit results, reports and hobby content and much more during the campaign. You can access all this introductory information under the INTRO menu if you need to come back to it at any stage. 

Or you can just jump straight in – start by heading to the Login / Register page to create your profile and then visit the CAMPAIGN page to get the latest news and mission details. After playing a game, make sure to upload your results via the SUBMIT menu (you need to be logged in to see it) and watch how you and your friends battles shape the fate of Starfall!

We’ll see you on the frontlines.

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