After its discovery five years ago, XH8-211 – called Starfall by its inhabitants – has retained its initial low appraisal. Besides the ‘squatters’ occupying the planet’s barren surface, the world has been ignored by the GCPS at large, seemingly having no resources or indigenous population worthy of corporate exploitation. Until the world-quakes began.

Without warning, the planet was struck by massive tectonic shifts. Great rifts and chasms were torn into the planet’s surface, some large enough to swallow cities. As they weren’t official GCPS citizens, the inhabitants’ calls for aid fell on deaf ears. The cheap, prefabricated settlements that littered the planet’s surface were all but ruined by the quakes. Only the heavily fortified areas built by smugglers and pirates, using the planet as a staging ground, survived the onslaught. If it weren’t for one of the survivors having a relative in an up-and-coming mining corporation, Starfall would have perished in ignominy with barely a mark on GCPS records.

The tectonic instability revealed the presence of several highly valuable minerals that had lain undetected below the planet’s surface. These would be costly to extract, but any success would yield profits in magnitudes greater than the extraction expense. This information was not yet available to the wider GCPS, conveyed only by a frightened survivor to their distant cousin.

So it was that the Damrod Mining Corporation put in an immediate bid for Starfall’s exploitation and a certain Data Analyst received a promotion and a hefty pay increase for ‘innovative purchasing recommendations’. Once the bid was accepted without competition, rights were transferred over to the DMC. Private military vessels began to land on the surface within minutes. Before mining operations could start, the locals would need to be dealt with – most would be offered employment in the new endeavour. Those who refused would be forced to leave at the end of a laser rifle.


Starfall is a small planet in a remote system near the expanse known as the Mariana Curtain. With a landscape that is widely barren and desolate, and a relatively low population even for this distant corner of GCPS space, it has up to now been an unremarkable place. Despite this lack of development and seemingly uninteresting surface, there are a number of locations in the most upper hemisphere of the world that may prove strategically important to whoever can control them.


When Damrod’s Corporation troops arrived on Starfall they quickly set up a series of Command Posts. The largest of these is Delta. On many planets it would be considered a village, perhaps even a small town. With the largest landing pads on Starfall it has quickly become the centre of fierce fighting, as different factions use the pads to land their Strike Teams.


Devil’s Run is a small town primarily inhabited by smugglers and Rebs sympathisers. It’s usually hidden from the prying eyes of the GCPS (or they’re happy to ignore its more seedy side for their own gain). However, with the recent incursion by the Nameless, Devil’s Run is now overwhelmed by Strike Teams from the various interested factions on Starfall. Most of it lies in ruins, although there are pockets of intact districts – typically those used by Rebs to hide their resistance forces.


Since arriving on the planet, the Damrod Mining Corporation wasted no time in creating mining facilities to harvest the precious minerals uncovered by the earth tremors. These industrial facilities are full of conveyor belts and machinery used to excavate the resources under the planet’s surface. They make dangerous combat zones, as the machinery makes perfect hiding places for enemy forces.


Fort Skar started out as a small Marauder outpost but has steadily grown in size in recent times. It’s a heavily fortified base with well placed anti-air defences and opposing barricades on the exterior. The work is shoddy at best however, as many elements have been scavenged from Marauder raids on passing craft or other nearby planets.

MAZ-1049 - Mazon Compound

Close inspection of this Mazon Compound shows it was abandoned long before the recent activity on Starfall. The facility has fallen into disrepair and ruin with large plants sprawling up the sides of old laboratory blocks. The interior of the labs are dark and streaked with blood stains,  glass litters the floor where things have smashed through the windows and empty bullet shells are scattered everywhere. It is is an ill place – even the hardiest Forge Lord would feel a chill when exploring.
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