Multiple Ways to Participate

So you’ve read the campaign intro, been debriefed on the situation and ready to deploy to Starfall and claim it for your own?
Great! Now let’s tell you how to do it.

We wanted the campaign to be as open and easy as possible for players, both new and old, to be able get involved. The most important thing is to play some games of Deadzone!

The choice is yours, you can simply follow the campaign story, play some games and submit your results to see the impact they have for your faction and at each location.

You can get more involved and take part in the hobby section of the campaign, uploading written battle reports or your Deadzone modelling and painting projects.
Or you can just do it all… there really are multiple ways to participate.

And as long as you’re participating, there’s a chance to win a weekly prize that we talk more about over at the Hobby Awards page.


To take part in the online campaign and get your results uploaded to determine the fate of Starfall you will need ONE (yes only ONE) person to be able to login and access the Submit Game Result option here on the site.

As long as there is at least one dedicated “Campaign Data Runner” in your gaming group, then you can all learn about the campaign story and special rules from the pages on this website, and your nominated Data Runner can collect and upload all your results.

If more of you want to create an account and get further involved, jump on in!


In terms of playing the game you’ll need these gaming essentials:

  • Deadzone 2nd Edition Rulebook
  • Deadzone Outbreak Supplement
  • Deadzone Strike Team
  • Deadzone "cube" battle mat or board
  • A 3'x3' surface and players to fight with!

How-To Register AS a PLAYER

Simply head over to the Login/Register page and complete the basic form.
The only information you need to provide for an account is your name* and email address*.

Once you’ve complete the Registration form, we’ll send you an email that you NEED to activate to confirm your account. Once that’s confirmed, you’re ready to go.

*We won’t share your information with the GCPS, scum Rebels or use it for any other nefarious marketing schemes.

How-To Register A STORE

If you’re a retail store or connected to one that you play Deadzone games in (or other Mantic games) then you can add the store to the campaign site as a participant. It’ll then be available as a location to log your game result at during the submission process and we’ll track the stores involved.

So once you’re logged in (you’ll need to register for an account) you get access to a dedicated Submit menu that will have an option to Submit a Game Store.

Fill in the simple submission form, with a couple of required fields and you are good to go. You’ll then be able to see your store (and others) under the Games Stores page.

How-To SUBMIT Results

You’ll need to be logged in to do this, so make sure you register for an account and activate it.

Head to the Submit menu and select the Submit Game Result option.

You’ll be presented with a basic form with 12 fields that need populated to provide us with your results data. Some things to think about when submitting your results:

  • Multiple Strike Teams - You are not tied to only playing one faction or strike team. Each result submission is standalone and free-form.
  • Game Store - If you're playing in a Store, select them from the list and help influence the campaign (If they aren't on the list, ask them to get added).
  • Strike Team Names - Give your Strike Teams a cool name and keep using it and we'll be able to track just how good they perform.
  • Player Names - Not everyone has to have an account and you don't need to provide you're real name. But whatever you choose*, we'll be tracking who and how they perform. (*Let's keep those names clean recruits)

How-To Submit BATTLE Reports

You’ll need to be logged in to do this, so make sure you register for an account and activate it.

Head to the Submit menu and select the Submit Battle Report option.

You’ll be presented with a form and fields that will determine the structure of you’re battle report.
A successful battle report submission needs the obvious key game details (factions, mission, points etc) entered and only requires two custom text fields: A Battle Report Title (think of something evocative) and a single block of text or “content”.

However, sticking to the basic minimum won’t make your Battle Report the most exciting read for other players and won’t stand you in with a chance for a Hobby Award!
So to help with this we’ve provided a list of “content blocks” that allow you to enter your report text and have images appear next to them as part of the battle flow.

This consists of the option to embed a video link at the very start, followed by 5 content blocks that act as paragraphs or report “sections” that each can have an image associated with them and lastly a final, 6th content block to wrap things up if you still haven’t tired of typing.

We’ve a sample Battle Report already in place so you can see how the format works – check it out here.


You’ll need to be logged in to do this, so make sure you register for an account and activate it.

Head to the Submit menu and select the Submit Hobby Project option.

You’ll be presented with a really easy form that allows you to tell us about the Deadzone hobby project you’re involved in and upload 3  images – simple!

Head over to the Hobby Awards page to learn more about why you might want to show off the cool painting and modelling projects you get up to!


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